Scope of Our Practice

Candidates for Limb Lengthening & Limb Deformity Correction Surgery:

Adults and Children
Arm or Leg Length Differences
Bone or Joint Deformity
Motorized Internal Lengthening Nail
Bone Tumors

Congenital Deformities (birth defects)
Congenital Short Femur
Fibular Hemimelia
Bone Dysplasia
Russell Silver Syndrome

After Trauma
Growth Plate Fractures Malunion
Shortening & Deformity
Bone Defects
Short Residual Limb After Amputation
Osseointegration Amputation Reconstruction

Bowleg (varus) Correction
Knock Knee (valgus) Correction
Joint Preservation and Realignment
Knee Distraction for Arthritis
Knee Fusion After Failed, Infected Total Knee Replacement

Foot and Ankle
Joint Preservation and Realignment
Ankle Distraction for Arthritis
Subtalar Joint Distraction for Arthritis
Foot and Ankle Deformity Correction
Complex Ankle Fusion for Deformity and Bone Loss
Metatarsal Lengthening

Upper Extremity
Short Humerus (upper arm)
Forearm and Wrist Deformity Correction
Metacarpal Lengthening

After Infection
Osteomyelitis - Bone Infection

After Tumor
Bone defects
Nonunions and Deformity
Leg Length Discrepancy

Short Stature
For more information on stature lengthening surgery, visit
Bone Dysplasia
Constitutional Short Stature