Skip in my Step

I do not need any assistance whatsoever! In fact, I do not even need to hold onto a railing or banister to climb stairs!! I have been doing all my favorite things with an actual skip in my step all due to the new procedure of osseointegration! Dr. Rozbruch has an amazing understanding & compassion for his patients & through that he has gained the insight on how to maximize the quality of life for so many satisfied & grateful individuals whose lives have changed immensely! To me this is such an incredible honor & privilege to have an opportunity to be part of the early development of this ingenious ideal!

I have been able to recapture my confidence & my freedom of independence! For that, I am forever grateful! I absolutely love & am indebted to Dr. Rozbruch & ALL his associates who collaborated to enhance my experience & give me back the life I knew & I earnestly wished for the last 40!! YEARS!!!

I truly imagine & believe my leg has grown back!!!!

God has blessed me beyond belief❣️