Robert E.

Dear Dr. Rozbruch,

It has been about 7 years since that nightmarish time when I fell from our dry-docked boat and shattered my femur. Also nearly 7 years since that magical time when we found you and you helped me after a botched intermedullary rod surgery.

My wife and I have been up here in Killington, Vermont since March 1 and today marks 20! days skied, a record for me in a season. We wanted to come up here last March to do this (we are never here for this length of time) but then Covid hit.

I will be 62 in June and am feeling great. I remarked to my wife the other day that I feel no different in the subject leg than my other, this is remarkable. It made me think of you and so I am writing. Thank you so much for all you do, for your expertise, and for helping me. I am doing great, it is in no small part due to you, and I am so very grateful.

Please see attached from one of the peaks here.

Best Regards,

Robert E.