Jessica K

Hi Everyone,

It is with deepest gratitude for you ALL that I hop and wish you a wonderful 2022. I am entering this new year with a sense of hope, love, and optimism for the future.

It was two years ago on New Year’s Day that I sustained my Pilon fracture while skiing. When this happened, I had know idea of the severity of my injury and how it would change my life. A life I had built around the love of sport and being in nature. It was lost to me for a long time, replaced with pain and fear. You all came together to help turn this situation from one of tragedy into one of an incredible and unlikely recovery.

It’s impossible to share in words what this means to me. Words are wholly inadequate to describe the gratitude I feel. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you do. You are a team of miracle workers.

With love and admiration,

~ Jessica