Andy C

Dear Dr. Rozbruch,

Thank you for you consultation on Friday and Congrats on the HSS group ride.

I saw you had a nice ride for coffee on Saturday, I often make it over in that direction on Sundays. I saw you accepted my follow request on Strava, you should request to follow me back. . .when each party follows the other that’s seems to be how a Strava relationship works best. Just saying. It can be a great mostly passive way to connect.

After we spoke, I was able to do a ride to Bear Mountain and back which has traditionally been my “benchmark” long ride (72 miles and 5000 feet of elevation). So feeling like at 6 months have achieved the upper end of my prior level of function. Still definitely some progression to continue from here, but feeling good. Another cool thing, starting to see PR’s on many segments that I have been riding for several years. Very exciting to start feeling some power coming from my L leg which was never the case in the past. . . So very possibly the next 6 months will show, the L leg functioning better than before, which would be icing on the cake!!!

Thank you for all of you care, thoughtfulness and skill. I cannot thank you enough! Truely amazing to finally be able to say the L leg deformity that I have lived with all of my life has been addressed and is fixed. You have made a difference in my life!

Be well and stay safe.
Best Regards,