an update from Julia

Good morning, Dr. Rozbruch.

Last night, I was able to fix dinner and we had a simple but satisfying meal. I found myself able to take a few solid and steady steps with no assistive devices in the kitchen while maintaining very good form. This morning, I tried using a cane and felt very comfortable and with no pain. I can walk around the house without it but for good measure, I am using it. Simply amazing! There is still quite a bit of swelling but the fluidity of movement and the steadiness of the strides have been astonishing confirming. We work so well together as a team. The elegance and beauty of your work are manifested through a body too eager to receive and too humbled to acknowledge. You keep insisting on giving me the best care and I will put these gifts that you have given me to good use for as long as I live. I will keep you posted regarding this remarkable recovery. We need to do a celebratory dance to mark this milestone in our friendship. Looking forward to it.