Patient: Shannon
Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch


Dear Dr. Rozbruch,

I don’t think we adequately expressed our thanks to you on Wednesday. I know I was surprised, as was Tom to learn that Shannon doesn’t need any more follow up visits. Tom and myself are so very appreciative to you and your staff for giving Shannon the gift of walking with even legs. It is truly a blessing that she no longer needs a lift in or on her left shoe.

Shannon hasn’t yet fully accepted or processed what she went through to get to this point. I do believe she will eventually realize, as we do, that she has been quite fortunate to receive such innovative, quality healthcare.

I can’t say that it wasn’t an uphill climb for Shannon. The process was definitely a great deal more difficult than anticipated or envisioned by us. I truly hope that another child or adult with similar issues will be fortunate to avoid these trials—because of Shannon. Her suffering won’t have been for naught and definitely will be paying it forward for another individual.

This email does not sufficiently express our overwhelming gratitude to you. Thank you for your knowledge and skill. Without Doctors like yourself and Dr. Lee, both children and adults would not have a fighting chance in terms of major orthopedic issues.