Patient: Josie
Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch


Hey Dr. Rozbruch,
Our super awesome pics are here. I also attached a picture of me standing. Look how straight my legs are! And a picture of me and my mom and my cat celebrating my surgery and recovery!

It was a great pleasure to meet you! The existence of Mr. Rozbruch on this planet has completely changed my life! My mom is marveled at your creativity and modesty as a doctor. And just for fun, I wanted you to know that we have came up with a Chinese for you and have been using it for while. It is “大壳” shown on the first picture if you like it.

We are heading back home soon. The huge wind today will blow my best wishes and happy new year to you, as well as all other limb lengthening team members who had assisted me greatly through the entire process of my surgery and recovery.

See you February. 🙂