John D.

Hi Dr. Rozbruch,

Just wanted to extend my sincerely thanks to you and your team for all you’ve done for me over the last few years. I know I bugged you guys a lot, especially in the beginning with all my questions (from back in 2014!) and from backing out of the surgery a number of times. I really appreciate that you still helped me with removing the screw near my hip in 2016 and the rods a few months ago. I have to say, you were totally right – having the hardware out really does feel amazing. I was actually really nervous about the removal (in some ways, more than the original surgery), but I knew I’d have a great outcome with you. And I was quickly back to deadlifting well over 400 pounds and squatting over 300 pounds just like you said I would!

You are a world class doctor. Thank you again for doing these surgeries for me; they’ve really improved my life.

Best regards,