Hi Dr. Rozbruch,
It’s been so long since the last series of visits I thought it’d be time to reach out! How are you doing? I hope youre keeping well in covid times. Odd to say I miss coming to HSS, I may consider coming back sometime just for the hell of it, I guess in case we feel up to putting some screws in anywhere else!
Meanwhile I thought I’d let you know I’m moving forward with the legs (literally)! I feel incredibly straighter and moving like I’ve never moved before. Im running finally and trying to get stronger. And the climbing? Still on! I’m sending you a picture from last week. I did a training course up at Mount Washington which ended up with a climb of the actual peak. Even crazier I shaved three hours from when I did it before the surgery and was able to go up and come back down in the time I took just to go up before!
I know I had a lot of doubts and was damn scared about changing my life, but I think I am glad to be thanking you now. I haven’t gotten to say it really but I really feel like I owe it to you having fixed the mess that has been my whole life so far. Thank you so much and I am so glad I got to do this with you! You’ve changed my life. I don’t know when/if I’ll see you again anytime soon, but until then I hope you stay well and keep safe. Thanks again and I hope to stay connected!

Best wishes,