Jonna S.

Dear Dr. Rozbruch,

Last year January 2020 I started writing you a draft letter about how I was progressing. Even though I was doing very well up to that point, I felt insecure about the future. When Covid broke out it was so stressful. Now I am ready to let you know how I’m doing.

I had my first surgery with the Taylor Spatial Frame for my bowed left leg in July 2016 when I turned 72 years old.

When I returned to Toronto Ontario, Canada, I knew that I had to work hard at exercising for the best outcome. Physiotherapy exercises gave me the support I needed to be strong again. Walking with crutches and then a cane was a learning process until it healed. Getting back to walking well and back to normal activities was my goal. I added Total Gym exercises – especially gentle squats to strengthen my legs.

On March 24th 2017, I had a tibial osteotomy on my bowed right leg. Once again rehabilitation exercises followed. In September I joined an exercise class nearby called Essentrics developed by Miranda Esmonde-White. It is gentle enough for seniors and anyone who wants to improve their flexibility and strength after injury – even football players. Essentrics was so helpful in gaining confidence on walking along busy streets and shopping. The whole class looks forward to the classes…we know that we have an outstanding teacher.

In 2018 Paul and I started Tai Chi classes. The next year we joined an outdoor Tai Chi group across the street in High Park three times a week. During Covid we have continued Tai Chi on our own as well as walking and exercises.

I could not have gone to New York on my own and without help with the frame adjustments, the care and encouragement needed. So I am grateful to Paul for his loving support.

I would like to thank your office staff who were so attentive to us on our many visits. The HSS hospital staff were excellent. I am doing as well as can be expected during this past year.

Thank you so very much for taking me as a patient. On one of the first visits to New York, Paul and I met a couple when we shared a table for coffee. The husband told us that HHS was known as ‘the hospital where miracles happen’. It took a little time for me to adjust my mental memory of my bowed legs to the reality that they are straight. It was such a relief to be free of being so self-conscious about my legs…a true blessing for me!

With gratitude and fond regards,