David S.

Dear Dr Rozbruch,

I’m sure it was just another day for you, but 5 years ago, March 3, 2015, was the day you operated on my right femur and knee. For me it was truly life changing. I had been experiencing pain for several years and had been upset by the cosmetic deformity of my right leg for my entire life.

Now, five years later, my right leg remains perfect and pain-free, and I have you to thank for this miracle.

My only regret is that I did not have my left leg operated upon when I was a bit younger and my circumstances might have permitted it. My left knee, which really wasn’t bothering me five years ago is now to some extent the bane of my existence. Always sore, typically a source of discomfort as I engage in my favorite physical activity—walking. Orthopedists that I have visited have had nothing to offer. “X-ray looks fine, you have some arthritis. You want a shot of cortizone?”

Had you not performed a distal femoral osteotomy on my right leg five years ago, I suspect I would be a virtual cripple now, with both knees failing me. So I’m very, very grateful for what I have, what you gave me!

I wish there was something I could do about my left knee. I guess someday it will be ripe for replacement.

Thinking about the enormously important work you do on this five year anniversary.

Thank you again!

David S