July 19, 2021
Dear Dr. Rozbruch,
I have been trying to find a moment to make Iraqi ‘caca’s’ for weeks!
For you.
Because caca’s are made with love.
And I do things with love.
As do you.
I know how much you love what you do.
It is evident in the way that you have cared for Zachary.
The way Zachary has improved under your care.
Improved is certainly an understatement!
You have performed miracles with him.
And everyone around you has been part of the process.
From coming to you with Dr. Levine.
To being sent to Andy Meyer.
To all the people in your office who have cared so much as part of your team from
appointments to billing to planning surgeries and nursing and your right and left hands in
Zachary – the other one – and Dustin!
But most of all there is you.
The ever-constant optimist
The one we trust with…. Well everything
Because it is not merely Zachary’s ankle that is in your hands but his very spirit!
I will never forget when after the long Covid year where we did not see you and you were
examining Zachary’s ankle and was in amazement at the range of movement he had.
You said something like – I did this! – marveling at your own amazing strategy and skills.
And Zachary responded – So did I!
Well, you were both right!
Without your knowledge and skill and determination accompanied by your belief in the process
and Zachary, Zachary would not have been able to believe in all of that and himself.
Covid shot everyone down.
But it awakened Zachary.
Deep in his soul.
That is when he began to move again.

In secret.
I have absolutely no idea what he did or how.
You know by now that he never tells me anything but the bad, so I can fix…what?
I wait for appointments with you to see what he can do, has done, is capable of.
Anyway, we both know now.
That Zachary will do whatever he can within the limits of his body.
Not carelessly.
Pushing himself to get the results he wants.
Like you.
And like you he pushes himself through the pain.
As you push yourself to get through the mountains of patients who need your help.
Because YOU know that only you can help them.
Pushing the envelope to get them as close to where they should be.
Where they could be.
And if they are lucky and are like Zachary.
Push them to where they will themselves to be.
He is still not perfect. Yet.
But even God said something to the effect of being tov was good enough that you don’t have to
be tov me’od – very good.
Keep searching that amazing brain of yours for the next great thing.
Because we will be first in line.
To put his feet (foot) in your hands.
And our hearts are in our mouths until.
You tell us that you have another great idea!
But I am sure that in the meantime.
Zachary will find ways to be better and more tov.
Because he is repairing not just his foot and ankle.
He is repairing his soul.
While you are doing tikkun olam – repairing the world.
And maybe I will just be along for the ride….
Repairing my life.
So that I can find the time to bake the caca’s.
And send them to you soon.
With love.