Daniel O

I had a severe car accident in 1998. My ankles, hips, left leg and right arm were significantly injured. I initially went to a local for numerous surgeries to improve my condition. The hospital discharged me with a fever, which turned out to be hospital acquired MRSA, and I was told later that I had made it back to the hospital just in time before sepsis complicated my situation even more.

After that, I looked at alternatives and discovered HSS and Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch. Upon first seeing him, I was immediately put at ease, as he quickly laid out a plan of action to successfully treat my conditions. In no time at all, my physical and mental states improved, as he put words into action and corrected all my serious injuries. Before I knew it, my nightmare was over, and Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch had provided me with options for a fresh start to enjoy life to its fullest.

Dr. Rozbruch is compassionate, brilliant, and surprisingly easy to speak with for such an esteemed doctor. To anyone reading this, he is, without a doubt, the answer to your physical injuries and their successful treatment. He is the best doctor I have ever encountered. I feel extremely fortunate to have found him.