Patient: Christopher
Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch

The Rozbruch Effect: PAY IT FORWARD

From the moment I met Dr. Rozbruch, pressure has been elevated from my life. Dr. Rozbruch has given me so much by repairing my right leg. I write this to showcase my story, and how Dr. Rozbruch has made himself apart of it. Dr. Rozbruch and his capable staff have granted me the ability to walk significantly better, a liberty I had lost after an accident. I want all who need Dr. Rozbruch to find him and benefit from his skill.

On December 6, 1992 I was a passenger involved in a serious auto accident. My injuries were life threatening. My future was dependent on God and the Yale New Haven Hospital medical staff. Thankfully they saved my life. Fast forward my life and my injuries were becoming more and more debilitating. I met Dr. Robert S. Rozbruch on November 13, 2014.

A friend told me that doctors may able to improve my right leg and hip. I was referred to Dr. Michael M. Alexiades, believing my hip was the problem. The Hospital for Special Surgery doctors and personnel quickly revealed their professionalism and depth of skill. Dr. Alexiades examined me and determined my hip was not at issue. He said the problem was with my femur and got me an appointment with Dr. Rozbruch the same day, November 13, 2014. I traveled a short distance, and my journey began with remarkable Dr. Robert S. Rozbruch.

Dr. Rozbruch proceeded to examine me. I spent more than six hours getting x-rays and various test. I was overwhelmed with emotions, as I was reopening a part of my life that was very challenging. Dr. Rozbruch was incredibly professional, communicated extremely well, and his demeanor made me feel at ease. I knew immediately I was dealing with the best. I was ready for whatever Dr. Rozbruch prescribed.

I now realize that Dr. Rozbruch is presented with similar questions and facts over and over by his patients. Yet Dr. Rozbruch always answers you as if you are the only person that has ever had that question. He listens intently, and then responds calmly with understanding and reinsurance. You are the most important person in the room meeting with Dr. Rozbruch.

Dr. Rozbruch has unbelievable skills as a surgeon. Equally, Dr. Rozbruch has the ability to communicate with you and has an understanding of stress you encounter as a patient with health concerns.

I have a new quality of life thanks to Dr. Rozbruch’s amazing skill. Dr. Rozbruch is an amazing person.

Make it a great day!!

Thank you,