Patient: Ann
Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch

Dear Dr. Rozbruch,

I am now walking very well with a cane and am about to complete my physical therapy. I walk with my cane for 40 minutes each day, followed by 30 minutes of exercises given to me by my physical therapist. I plan to continue my therapy on my own. The leg is doing well and I am delighted with my mobility. I am driving my car and moving well everywhere I go. I feel like I have my life back! We are beginning to plan travel to visit our family and friends without fear of my health being an obstacle. You have given Frank and I a very precious gift for which we will always be grateful.

So thank you again for making this possible for us. Your tireless medical expertise has given me a new life— one that I will always be thankful to you for providing to me. I wish there were more doctors with your knowledge and medical expertise in locations across this country.

Best regards,