Tibial Non-union and Bone Defect Before and After Photos

The following patients have allowed us to use images of them to illustrate the miracles that we can accomplish using bone transport surgery. For more in depth information on how we treat tibial non-unions and bone defects, please visit our tibial non-union and bone defect case histories page.  You can also visit our Conditions Library to learn more about some of the conditions we commonly treat, their causes and types of available treatments.

Distraction of a Tibial Non-Union | Case History #1

 Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch

limb malalignment, limb deformity, limb length discrepancy



Repair of Tibia Non-Union with Deformity | Case History #20

Doctor: S. Robert Rozbruch

tibia non-union, limb deformity, leg deformity