Osseointegration Amputation Reconstruction

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Osseointegration is the scientific term for bone ingrowth into a metal implant. It is a surgical process in which a bone-anchored artificial implant is permanently joined and integrated into a person’s natural bone. The patient’s own bone grows into the implant to become integrated.

Osseointegration is best known in the widely used health applications of dental implants and joint replacement surgery, in which it is has been very successful for decades. Today, amputation reconstruction specialists at HSS are using osseointegration in limb replacement surgery for amputee patients who have not tolerated or do not want to use a socket. This is a major advance in amputation surgery of both the lower and upper extremities.

For a more in-depth discussion about osseointegration, please visit the osseointegration page in our conditions library.
Dr. Rozbruch performs live Osseointegration femur surgery:

Dr. Rozbruch discusses Osseointegration of femur:


Dr. Rozbruch discusses Osseointegration in the tibia:

Dr. Robert Rozbruch gives an update on osseointegration at Wounded Warrior Military conference, Project CARE Summit.

Dr. Robert Rozbruch shares information on a new technology – osseointegration amputation reconstruction. Patient Randy shows the benefits and advantages of this new surgery.

In this video, meet two patients whose lives have been changed by this incredible technology. Dr. Robert Rozbruch shares information and the benefits of osseointegration amputation reconstruction over traditional prosthetics.

When to Amputate and When to Reconstruct a Limb at Risk
This is an excerpt from a recent lecture given by Dr. Robert Rozbruch in Dallas, Texas.

Doctor: Dr. S. Robert Rozbruch

Osseointegration Amputation Reconstruction of the Tibia

Emily’s Recipe: Stoma Care after Osseointegration Amputation Reconstruction